What do you get when you marry together two of South Africa’s best loved foods, braai meat and flame-grilled chicken? Why, you get Nyamalicious, an outstanding, food brand that speaks to the depths of the South African food psyche, that resonates with the joy of eating and sharing with friends, traditionally freshly and expertly cooked meat and chicken.

It is the brainchild of The Franchise Co., the franchise gurus dedicated to getting top quality food to the people, wherever they may be. We as a nation, love nothing more than delicious, traditional flame grilled meat or barbecue chicken. Nyamalicious is a one stop shop for good, old-fashioned quality food that speaks to the souls of all South Africans, and which can now be served to them anywhere and on demand.



The Franchise Co. has over the last decade, operated successfully within the franchising sector, beginning with third party management of owners’ operations to successfully buying a host of SA franchise outlets. Since 2015, The Franchise Co. has established and bought up a variety of franchisor brands to strengthen its offering for mobile brands, and traditional brick and mortar franchises that resonate with their specific audiences.  The company offers entrepreneurs turnkey business solutions that enable them to grow their own business innovatively with the benefits of training business owners, management and operations staff; HR and legal services; as well as marketing support to promote the brand and set it apart from its competitors under its flagship trademarks and brand standards.

With Nyamalicious as its latest development, The Franchise Co. offers a one-stop mobile restaurant or a fleet of franchises that takes its unique offering to the people and a location that is convenient to them.



The Franchise Co. is ever mindful of the importance of encouraging entrepreneurship, particularly in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic. The organisation is also acutely aware that South Africa has a proliferation of entrepreneurs aspiring to break into the food industry and to own their slice of the economy.

Nyamalicious provides the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to purchase South Africa’s most affordable food franchising brand at a fraction of the cost of any other fast-food business. Owning and operating a Nyamalicious branded and trademarked mobile food trailer allows business owners to establish and grow a profitable business while serving the wider community with the food they love

Nyamalicious is offering entrepreneurs South Africa’s first-ever franchised mobile trailer restaurant solution that will receive the same high level of support as any of the Franchise Co.’s fixed-site food franchises.

Setting up a fixed location food franchise is generally beyond the financial reach of most first-time entrepreneurs. A Nyamalicious franchise is a perfect solution for a single entrepreneur, a family-run business that owns more than one mobile restaurant, or for anyone looking for a side hustle on top of their regular employment, who has the support of family and friends for the day-to-day running.

Franchise investors also have opportunities to purchase a fleet of franchises from Nyamalicious to secure a designated trading area or district, which will ensure geographic exclusivity in a particular location.